European Union officials warned to prepare for no-deal Brexit

European Union officials warned to prepare for no-deal Brexit

European Union officials warned to prepare for no-deal Brexit

With the support of the DUP, she commands a majority of only 13 lawmakers and needs to keep either her own party onside or attract votes from the main opposition Labour Party.

EU leaders are due to meet for dinner in Brussels next Wednesday and hope to agree a withdrawal treaty with Britain that Barnier said was 80-85 per cent ready but on which obstacles remain, notably on how to keep the new EU-UK land border with Northern Ireland from reviving conflict in the British province.

"For instance a veterinary agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom would mean less frequent inspections of live animals".

Writing in the Telegraph, Sammy Wilson MP, the DUP's Brexit spokesman, said Mrs May was pursuing "the road to parliamentary defeat" because his party would vote against any deal that included the proposed backstop.

"We don't want to embarrass the government, we just think government needs to take a long hard look at our position". "Michel Barnier and his team are working day and night to reach a deal, but we are not there yet", he said.

Barnier is attempting to negotiate such a deal, but time is running out and European Union leaders have made it clear that they expect Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May to come up with a way to unblock talks before next week.

The DUP issued the threat by briefing broadcasters.

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Mr Barnier said checks would be carried out "in the least intrusive way possible", adding: "I understand why such procedures are politically sensitive but".

He added: "When we entered into the confidence and supply arrangement with the Government, we did so to enable it to deliver on the fiscal elements of its domestic programme and the referendum result to leave the EU".

However, the DUP has advocated a clean Brexit and earlier this month party leader Arlene Foster said they could support Boris Johnson as the next Prime Minister.

He also stressed the EU's insistence that Britain must accept possible checks on goods moving between its mainland and its province of Northern Ireland, saying Brexit will trigger the need for customs, value-added tax and compliance checks with European Union standards.

"Colleagues will not tolerate a half in, half out Brexit", Mr Baker, who served as a junior Brexit minister in Ms May's government until he resigned in protest at her Brexit proposals said.

At Westminster, Mrs May told MPs that it was "in the national interest" for MPs from all parties to back the deal she brought back from Brussels.

Former prime minister John Major, whose career as leader was crushed partly by eurosceptics, said the behaviour of some of those Conservatives was "an intolerable way to treat a prime minister who's in the middle of negotiations".

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