Tony Ferguson Recovers After Two Knockdowns And Defeats Anthony Pettis!

Tony Ferguson Recovers After Two Knockdowns And Defeats Anthony Pettis!

Tony Ferguson Recovers After Two Knockdowns And Defeats Anthony Pettis!

Following the melee that ensued after Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted Conor McGregor at UFC 229 on Saturday night in Las Vegas, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has already taken preliminary action. Let's see what the doctor is going to say.

Pettis was as fantastic as Ferguson, though Ferguson was getting the better of most of the exchanges. Pettis performs great spinning back elbow, but it is just a Showtime, he missed.

Pettis attempted to get the finish but Ferguson did a masterful job of holding on until he could regain his composure. Ferguson was nearly knocked out early in the 2nd round but was managed to come back and put a beating on Pettis, and unfortunately for fans, the fight was stopped by Anthony Pettis' corner after the 2nd round. Pettis is bleeding as well. Ferguson again does superman punch off the cage.

Pressure by Ferguson and good low kick.

With 17 seconds left of the clock, Lewis landed a massive right hand which put Volkov on the canvas. Great left hand by Pettis, this is so brutal exchange. Pettis lands a right hand. A victory over Pettis would assert that he is still the man that the victor of the main event needs to face in order to boast that they are truly the best lightweight in the world today.

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Ferguson rushes forward and immediately lands a kick. Ferguson destroys Pettis' head at the moment.

What a combo by Ferguson, but Pettis tried an attractive strike, went over Ferguson. Ferguson's mouth is busted up as they battle on the ground, Pettis in top position. Pettis told his coach that his hand was broken and Roufus chose to tell the referee that the fight was over.

Duke Roufus tells the referee the fight is over as Pettis has suffered a broken hand and the long-time coach won't send his charge out there injured.

Tony Ferguson improves his score to 24-3 MMA, 14-1 UFC, Anthony Pettis drops to 21-8 MMA, 8-7 UFC.

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