Nvidia's New Game Ready Driver Supports DirectX Raytracing, Windows 10 Update

Nvidia's New Game Ready Driver Supports DirectX Raytracing, Windows 10 Update

Nvidia's New Game Ready Driver Supports DirectX Raytracing, Windows 10 Update

That will prevent Windows Update driver installs and restart notifications while you're playing, at last giving you an interruption-free experience. And, hey, maybe you'll learn something new that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

SwiftKey provides automatic auto-correction of spelling mistakes, next-word prediction, and provides you with word suggestions as you start typing. One can check the same by visiting Settings System About. The Game bar has seen some fundamental changes that might just make it actually useful, while Windows' built-in Game Mode expands to automatically keep the OS from interrupting you while playing. Microsoft has now brought in the Your Phone app for Windows that means you can access and send texts, see photos and more from Android devices. Meanwhile on your PC, the connection pops up on the Your Phone app, and it then directs you back to your smartphone to secure desktop permissions to the same content.

You can download the new update today by manually checking for it under "Check for Updates" and this will work well if you have been constantly updating your PC.

Introduced in April, Timeline lets a user find files based on chronology and continue progress on your work from your phone to the PC. And there's now Windows Defender Firewall support for the Windows Subsystem for Linux in Windows 10 1809. The bad news is that it may take technical assistance to recreate your profile and retrieve the user files if you're not tech savvy. However, exclusive to Windows 10, we got a new feature, Share Charm which will allow you to share content directly with your Skype contacts. You can view the full list at the bottom of Microsoft's press release here.

This is a nice little addition that gives you more control over what's using up your Windows 10 laptop's battery life. The update is expected to start working its way onto PCs via the Windows Update app by October 9.

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One of the more serious issues being reported is major data loss, as large quantities of files that would normally appear in the User folder are missing.

Only specific versions of the driver are affected (intcDaud.sys, versions, and Intel has suggested that users running on its sixth-generation (Skylake) chippery update to version of its driver (which is bundled up in of the graphics driver). "(2) DXR adds support for ray tracing to the Windows operating system, so DirectX 12 Windows PCs can now execute the applications that support real-time ray tracing", Nvidia says. I suppose it's nice to have, especially if you're planning on upgrading to Nvidia's latest 20-series "RTX" graphics cards.

Microsoft noted limitations in what you could attach to the Cloud Clipboard.

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