California Governor signs strong net neutrality protections into law

California Governor signs strong net neutrality protections into law

California Governor signs strong net neutrality protections into law

But the U.S. Department of Justice wants to stop the law, arguing that it creates burdensome, anti-consumer requirements that go against the federal government's approach of deregulating the internet.

Yesterday one of the toughest net neutrality bills now being considered in the United States was signed into law by the Governor of California. Jerry Brown signed the law. The suit was filed on Sunday with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California.

California Gov. Jerry Brown had signed the nation's toughest net neutrality measure Sunday, requiring internet providers to maintain a level playing field online. The bill, which seeks to revive regulations repealed a year ago by the Federal Communications Commission, was signed by Gov.

In December, the Federal Communications Commission said in repealing the Obama-era rules that it was preempting states from setting their own rules governing internet access. The lawsuit will decide whether federal or state governments can enact laws that affect national telecommunication companies.

However, the Attorney General for California, Xavier Becerra, said that the Trump administration was ignoring millions of Americans who supported net neutrality rules. California was also the largest state to impose their own net neutrality regulations.

Pai issued a statement after California's law passed, saying, "the law prohibits many free-data plans, which allows consumers to stream video, music, and the like exempt from any data limits".

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Meanwhile, the law takes effect on January 1st, and supporters of the bill in California cheered as news of its passage was disseminated.

Consumer advocacy groups touted the law as offering the strongest internet protections in the country.

In March, Brown accused the Trump administration of essentially declaring war on the most populous US state after the Justice Department sued to stop policies that protect illegal immigrants against deportation.

California's net neutrality law may have been inspired by the problems they encountered during their horrific wildfires this summer.

"Rather than 50 states stepping in with their own conflicting open internet solutions, we need Congress to step up with a national framework for whole internet ecosystem and resolve this issue once and for all", the association said in a statement.

Sen. Weiner and other legislators worked with the office of the state attorney general - who has been tasked with the evaluation of those who may try to evade these new rules - to ensure that SB 822 is defensible in court, both against telecom giants like Comcast and Verizon, and the federal government.

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