Spokane Regional Health District offers free flu vaccine clinics

Spokane Regional Health District offers free flu vaccine clinics

Spokane Regional Health District offers free flu vaccine clinics

"We should all know by now that the flu is unpredictable", said Dr.

So far, the Associated Press reports USA health officials have denoted the flu that's been detected as a milder strain.

Seniors and those with a weak immune system are usually most vulnerable, but severe cases hit healthy people of all ages.

Here in Minnesota, 62 percent of children were vaccinated past year.

The flu death toll in the U.S. a year ago was the highest in four decades, according to the CDC. The 2017-2018 estimation of 80,000 flu deaths is record-breaking. "That community immunity is what we want to take home today; 80,000 deaths previous year and they all got the flu from someone else".

Last season, the vaccine match was only 36 percent, according to the CDC. In general, a flu vaccine works best among healthy younger adults and older children.

"Some effectiveness is better than no effectiveness", Adams said.

Influenza A, particularly the H3N2 strain of the virus, was the predominant virus type overall throughout the 2017-2018 flu season.

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There were 900,000 hospitalizations caused by the flu. This year's vaccine is expected to provide improved protection against the predominant flu strains in circulation. "We encourage everyone to come to the mass clinic or the local health unit to get their flu shot". For another, the vaccine is your best chance at avoiding the risky flu. "Flu vaccinations save lives". According to the CDC, 74 percent of the 172 pediatric flu deaths nationwide in 2017-18 involved unvaccinated children.

Many question, "Do I have the flu or do I simply have a cold?" However, it is reassuring to see that having vaccines available, and pointing patients to where they can find them, seems to improve vaccination rates. Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth. "After acute flu, recovery may not be complete. They are not going to get sick", said Noelle Bissell. "Flu can knock down that first domino of progressive decline, progressive disability".

"I would get the vaccine now and you don't have to worry about whether it's a mild or a severe season", said William Schaffner, NFID medical director.

Listed in the Insights West poll are the three highest-voted reasons as to why people would choose not to get vaccinated.

Contrary to popular belief, the flu vaccine cannot cause the flu. It was about 67 percent effective against one of the influenza strains a year ago, meaning that of 100 kids lined up in a gym, if all of them got a flu shot, 67 of them wouldn't get the flu if a sick child coughed on them.

If, unfortunately, you do find yourself developing flu symptoms, try not to panic.

"Pregnant women who get the flu do very poorly", said Riley. Estimates from the past two years were just over 60 percent.

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