What Christine Blasey Ford reveals about womanhood

What Christine Blasey Ford reveals about womanhood

What Christine Blasey Ford reveals about womanhood

In the two blurry photos that remain on the internet, her eyes have been guarded behind sunglasses; what she sounds like, we finally are learning during this afternoon's televised Senate hearing.

Another former Trump official said that Ford's testimony means that Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court is now in deep trouble - and they doubted that he could save it during his testimony.

In his opening statement, Grassley said that both Ford and Kavanaugh have "been through a awful couple of weeks" as "they and their families have received vile threats".

The complainant said the writer's daughter and several friends were with Kavanaugh in 1998 when Kavanaugh assaulted a woman he was dating, who was a friend of the person's daughter. What I've been accused of is far more serious than juvenile misbehavior. Democratic questioners are certain to ask uncomfortable questions about Kavanaugh's youth that could create defensive or combative moments.

In his prepared testimony, Mr Kavanaugh again "unequivocally and categorically" denied her allegation, as well as "other false and uncorroborated accusations" by his other accusers.

He later called his confirmation process a "national disgrace".

She also recalled being underneath one of them while both laughed.

She outlined her experience growing up in an affluent Maryland suburb in the late '70s and '80s, explaining that students at her all-girls school often socialized with students at the local all-boys schools, at parties, as well as at the area's country clubs.

Michelle Guthrie sacked as Managing Director of ABC
However he said political leaders did not pressure the ABC or have any involvement in its decision to sack Ms Guthrie. Mr Milne conceded Ms Guthrie had done a "pretty good" job turning the ABC towards its digital future.

"The last thing I want to do is take away from the pain a woman has", Jacobs said.

Interested in Supreme Court?

Earlier during the dramatic hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford said she didn't think she paid for the polygraph test herself and she does "not yet" know who did.

In a tellingly feminine posture, she seemed eager to accommodate and to please, even before the Republican senators whose objective at the hearing was to discredit her.

Ford went on to say that "Brett's assault on me drastically altered my life" but "I convinced myself that because Brett did not rape me, I should be able to move on and just pretend that it had never happened". "But I have been looking forward to today because I felt that I could do something to stand for someone, the way I wish someone had stood for me". She witnessed both of them "drink excessively and "engage in highly inappropriate conduct". After being repeatedly asked about the circumstances of the polygraph test - when she took it, where she took it, who had recommended the tester - Ford's lawyers interjected to say that they had paid for the test, "as is routine".

But political wisdom of this stance undercuts the fact that rage, for Dr Ford, would be an entirely justified emotion.

"Turn to [White House counsel] Don McGahn and to this committee and say for the sake of my reputation, my family name and to get to the bottom of the truth of this, I am not going to be an obstacle to an FBI investigation", Durbin urged. In a video posted by Cheddar's Brad Smith, Ford's testimony could be heard across an unusually quiet NYSE floor as traders watched intently.

"I remember being hooked up to a machine, being placed on my body and being asked a lot of questions, and crying a lot", Ford said.

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