"Fortnite" Season 6 Welcomes In Halloween With "Darkness Rises" Title & Theme

"Fortnite" Season 6 Welcomes In Halloween With "Darkness Rises" Title & Theme

Fortnite Season 6 continues the tradition of hiding Battle Pass stars inside of unlockable loading screens, allowing players further ways to rank up their unlockable tiers.

Fortnite is one of the only games you can play right now that's constantly evolving.

Everyone will need to download update 6.0 before they can start playing again, which is expected to be large. And with Halloween approaching, it's only fitting that we now have a Haunted Castle overlooking Haunted Hills.

And then there's the new Shadow Stones - they are scattered throughout the map, letting you go completely invisible.

These are the most noticeable map differences, but Epic has made a few smaller changes that have been discovered by fans.

The cube has made the lake erupt and it turned the center area into a floating island.

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The much anticipated Season 6 for Fortnite's popular battle royale mode kicked off this morning.

In addition to Shadow Stones, the Vaulted Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives have all been added back into the vault.

The three new pets are a dog, chameleon, and dragon, and you can unlock them in different colors as you level up through the battle pass. Calamity is a progressive skin, which means that you'll be able to unlock new components to it as you play through the season.

Console players can now choose their own button configurations, and those who play with a keyboard and mouse on PlayStation 4 will be matched with PC players so it's a little fairer for those playing with a controller.

Of course, with a new season comes a new battle pass.

For the complete patch notes, check out the latest post on the Fortnite blog.

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