The UN General Assembly: trump spoke out against "globalism" and patriotism

The UN General Assembly: trump spoke out against

The UN General Assembly: trump spoke out against "globalism" and patriotism

Addressing the Security Council earlier in the day, US President Donald Trump warned Iran that his administration will soon go beyond previous sanctions regimes by imposing the "toughest" financial penalties ever designed.

He smiled, taking in stride, and proclaimed, 'didn't expect that reaction but that's OK, ' before moving on the extraordinary progress he says he's overseen in the U.S. We had fun, ' he said.

Rouhani acknowledged that together with Russian Federation and China, the signatories have proven they want to salvage the agreement, but he said they have fallen short of expectations, and he has not seen any results in a "tangible fashion".

A government with Iran's track record "must never be allowed to obtain" a nuclear weapon, the United States president said as he addressed the meeting in NY.

The president noted his decision to withdraw the USA from the Obama-era nuclear agreement between Iran and other world powers and stressed that many sanctions would be reimposed on Iran in early November.

Rouhani said it was "quite unusual, unprecedented and amazing" that while presiding over the Security Council as its president Trump also called on the 14 other council members to violate the legally binding resolution endorsing the JCPOA that the council adopted unanimously in 2015 - including a "yes" vote from the United States.

There were signs during Tuesday's speech that Trump's approach has worn thin among world leaders.

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Jeremy Corbyn has said anti-Semitism "is a scourge on any society" and that Labour has taken steps to address the issue. Asked what the vote would be on, he replied: "Parliament will decide what will be on that ballot paper".

Trump also told the year's largest gathering of world leaders that Americans "reject the ideology of globalism" and that "America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control and domination".

Later, as he was leaving the United Nations, he told reporters that he had meant to be amusing.

Iranian leaders are already talking about a post-Trump US government and what new leadership - not just in the White House but also in the House of Representatives and in the US Senate - might mean for their country's long-term goals.

Without naming countries, the United States president noted that "some nations are already violating UN sanctions" including illegal ship-to-ship transfers of oil and said compliance was "very, very important". The American president's boasts were met with laughter during a serious moment in an address to the U.N. General Assembly. Iran wants to show the world it is more than a country of clerics and conflicts.

On other tense subjects, Trump's criticism of Germany's pursuit of a direct energy pipeline from Russian Federation drew a dismissive headshake from a member of the US ally's delegation, and his mention of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar all in one breath was received with stone-faced expressions by Saudi officials.

"We need a President who isn't a laughing stock to the entire World", Trump tweeted in 2014 when he was flirting with entering the political arena.

Asked about the offer of talks, Khamenei's top aide, Ali Akbar Velayati, said "Trump's and Pompeo's dream would never come to reality", according to the IRNA news agency.

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