Splatoon 2 offering exclusive in-game gear for Nintendo Online subs

Splatoon 2 offering exclusive in-game gear for Nintendo Online subs

Splatoon 2 offering exclusive in-game gear for Nintendo Online subs

This will protect your save files in the event of a console malfunction, or if you need to make room on your Switch but don't want to lose the save file forever.

Having announced a September 18 launch date, it looks like the Nintendo Switch Online service is going live this evening (18th) in the U.S., and therefore early tomorrow morning (19th) in most other territories. It may be the same for the Nintendo Switch, considering Fortnite's exemption from the Switch Online requirement. For $299.99 United States dollars, the bundle is quite an expensive one - but it's the same as buying a Switch with no games included, so you're not paying more.

Nintendo have just announced the Double Helix Nintendo Switch bundle for Fortnite Battle Royale. It seems that there's no buffer period for anyone who lets their Switch Online subscription lapse - the second an account goes offline, all of its save data is deleted from the cloud. So double check that if you aren't sure about it. One of the biggest benefits of Switch Online is the introduction of cloud saves.

It's worth noting that you will need to check in weekly to access the games, which can also be played with the new NES Joy-Cons.

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Nintendo Online comes with an array of subscription tiers, and features individual and family memberships.

But wait, there's more unusual and disappointing news about cloud saves on the Nintendo Switch. PlayStation will hold onto cloud backup data for six months, while Xbox offers cloud saves to all players at all times. Unfortunately, you won't earn points when you purchase a subscription normally.

The Switch eShop and online functionality will go dark for around 3 hours while the firmware update is being implemented, before coming back online in its full glory.

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