NY votes in primary election

NY votes in primary election

NY votes in primary election

Voters in NY are casting their primary ballots for governor today - and it's between current Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his celebrity challenger, actress and activist Cynthia Nixon.

The nominating contest was the latest test for candidates from the party's energized left wing as Democrats seek to regain control of the U.S. Congress and bolster their ranks in state governments across the country in November 6 elections.

The charge is a familiar one among NY progressives, who fault Cuomo for the state's failure to pass its own DREAM Act, legislation to protect abortion rights and serious campaign finance revisions. However, several outsider candidates challenging incumbent governors have fallen short during the nominating season. Recent polls show Cuomo with a 40-point lead, but Nixon says her lack of experience could be her edge.

The race has featured bitter attacks.

Amy Schumer, who also lives in the Big Apple, had vacillated between Nixon and Cuomo, first donating $10,000 to Nixon's campaign before saying earlier this week she would support Cuomo on election day.

The race for attorney general also could leave Mr. Cuomo smarting.

In a debate last month, Nixon pointedly called the legalization of marijuana a "racial-justice issue". 'VOTE Thur. Sept. 13 for Gov. Cuomo, Lt. Gov. Hochul & Tish James. In a 2014 nominating contest, Cuomo defeated his opponent with fewer than 600,000 people voting out of almost 5.9 million registered Democrats in the state.

$1 million pledged against Collins if she backs Kavanaugh
Republicans now hold a slim 51-49 majority in the Senate and only 51 votes are required to confirm Kavanaugh. So far the group has raised $1.1 million from more than 40,000 pledges - and sparked plenty of debate.

Republicans already nominated Marcus Molinaro as their candidate for governor.

The outcome of Thursday's Democratic primary is likely to resonate around the nation, reflecting an ongoing battle within the Democratic Party between moderate incumbents and progressives who say establishment politicians have failed to deliver on liberal priorities. "And a NY progressive is not just a dreamer, but we are doers", Cuomo said at a campaign rally the night before the vote.

But first she faces off against Cuomo, 60, in the state's Democratic primary on Thursday.

Nixon, 52, has touted herself as a democratic socialist and a champion of causes such as abortion access, better funding for schools and equal rights for gay and lesbian people.

"Cynthia Nixon - Albany would eat her alive", said Michael Said.

Her questionable food tastes kicked off a mini Twitter storm, with #Bagelgate trending on the platform and some pundits going so far as to interpret the order as a reflection of her renegade tendencies and bold ideas.

Nixon mocked Cuomo's attempt to maintain a low profile as she campaigned with progressive star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A former top aide was found guilty in March of felony corruption charges, including for soliciting more than $300,000 in bribes from a couple of companies doing state business.

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