Inbox, Google’s playground for email innovation, is going bye-bye

Inbox, Google’s playground for email innovation, is going bye-bye

Inbox, Google’s playground for email innovation, is going bye-bye

Launched back in 2014, Inbox by Gmail was initially invite-only and sought to compete with innovative email apps like Boxer and the now-defunct Mailbox.

Google also offers alternatives to features of Inbox which have not been added to the Gmail yet. In it, Google walks customers through using some of their favorite features from Inbox in Gmail as well as discover new ones.

As mentioned, pretty much all of Inbox's unique features moved over to Gmail back in April. Inbox won't be shuttered immediately, with a transitional period until March 2019. There are still some features that have yet to make the migration from the Inbox, particularly the "bundles" feature that group similar emails into one single block, but Google said this is coming to Gmail.

But now Google is calling time on the app, likely because it hasn't really kept the app updated over the years and a lot of the features Inbox introduced have made their way over to Gmail. This added functionality pulled a good number of users away from Gmail as they added to the email experience without combining the usual headaches caused by using third-party email clients.

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"Inbox by Gmail has been a great place to experiment with new ideas like snoozing emails to later, as well as try the latest AI-powered experiences like Smart Reply, Nudges and high-priority notifications to help you stay productive", Izatt writes. Luckily fans of Inbox still have Gmail to fall back on and won't have to lose numerous features that made them love Inbox.

I know quite a few Gmail users who switched to Inbox when it was released.

What do you think about Google killing support for Inbox?

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