Huge Hurricane Florence Looms Large in New Views from Space

Huge Hurricane Florence Looms Large in New Views from Space

Huge Hurricane Florence Looms Large in New Views from Space

NASA shared photos Wednesday showing the risky storm from the International Space Station. "Gather prepared on the East Fly, right here's a no-kidding nightmare coming for you".

At 11 a.m. EDT (1500 UTC), the eye of Hurricane Florence was located near latitude 25.0 degrees north and longitude 60.0 degrees west. Florence is moving toward the west near 13 miles per hour (20 kph).

NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold also captured some incredible images of the storm from the windows of the space station.

"#HurricaneFlorence is so enormous, we could only capture her with a super wide-angle lens from the @Space_Station, 400 km directly above the eye".

1000's and thousands of americans in the path of Storm Florence are frantically preparing for a monster storm that is anticipated to glean landfall sometime early Saturday morning.

Despite the storm being still some distance away from land, the National Hurricane Center has confirmed it is on track to hit the area around North and SC by Friday.

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A series of zoomed-in, high-definition photographs, also released Wednesday by NASA, reveal the storm's menacing movement across the Atlantic.

The element will lead to a "life-threatening storm surges, exceptionally strong heavy rains and destructive winds", they say.

A new photo of the hurricane, taken from almost 250 miles above it, shows just how big it is.

More than 1.4 million people across North and SC have been ordered to evacuate as President Donald Trump vowed the federal government was "ready for the big one".

Arnold shared his first photos of Hurricane Florence, taken when it was still a Category 2 storm.

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