Apple Event Highlights: iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and Apple Watch 4

Apple Event Highlights: iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and Apple Watch 4

Apple Event Highlights: iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and Apple Watch 4

The leak, discovered in new product page listings of the sitemap by the site All Things How, appears to confirm the three new phones will be called the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR. Pre-orders will start on October 19th and the phone will hit store shelves on October 26. It retains the key advances of the first iPhone X - facial recognition and an edge-to-edge display - but is cheaper while being noticeably larger at 6.1 inches. The starting price mirrors the iPhone X at $999.

The iPhone Xs will have 30 minutes of additional battery life compared to the current iPhone X. The iPhone Xs Max, which was designed with the largest battery ever used in an iPhone, will get 1.5 hours more.

T3 will shortly be going hands on with the iPhone Xr, so make sure to check back in to soon for the complete picture. In addition to new iPhones, we'll also likely see updated wearables, new tablets and perhaps a refreshed computer or two. The Xr also has also has a single-lens rear camera instead of dual lenses, so it can't do optical zoom, though it still offers the depth control and portrait mode features of its pricier siblings.

Here's what you need to know about the iPhone XR.

As announced at this morning's event, 2017's iPhone X became the single most popular smartphone in the world over the past year, and it never had a home button.

Or skinny jeans? Unfortunately, Apple didn't update its 4-inch iPhone SE with a new processor and camera. It boasts the same set of features found in other iPhone X models.

Apple's strategy of selling pricier phones amid waning demand for smartphones has propelled the Cupertino-based company to become the first publicly traded United States company to hit a market value of more than $1 trillion (€860 billion).

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It's good you asked. And it has the same A12 Bionic processor inside, so will support all the same new features.

Apple's iOS 12 will be available Monday. The XR will be available in three storage variants - 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, and in five colour variant - white, black, blue, yellow, coral and a (PRODUCT) RED edition as well.

There are some new tools to monitor how much time you spend looking at your phone and some tweaks to how notifications display.

The largest iPhone to date - iPhone Xs Max with a 16.5-centimetre OLED screen also made its grand debut.

The iPhone XR uses the same TrueDepth camera as the iPhone XS. The Smart HDR is the most hyped feature that takes multiple shots in different exposures and combines them to get the bets shot.

AirPower Wireless Charging Mat - this was announced quite a while ago, and should have launched in the spring.

The iPhone XR was also introduced at the event. However, it's early to give a verdict on it but our hunch is that Apple might just have a victor on its hands with the iPhone XR.

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