Cohen's lawyer walks back claim Pres. Trump knew of Russia meeting

Cohen's lawyer walks back claim Pres. Trump knew of Russia meeting

Cohen's lawyer walks back claim Pres. Trump knew of Russia meeting

A new report suggests President Trump's attorneys once suggested that he fess up to his extramarital affairs in order to mitigate the legal bombshells that fell on him thanks to Michael Cohen's guilty plea last week.

"Weisselberg knows everything about Trump entities that have taken in money and spent it", said Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio, who writes frequently about the president's businesses.

Representatives for Manafort and Mueller declined to comment to the Journal.

That's a critical assertion because it makes the payments subject to campaign finance laws, which restrict how much people can donate to a campaign and bar corporations from making direct contributions.

The "greatest risk" to President Donald Trump's presidency and businesses is not Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but federal prosecutors in NY, according to Alan Dershowitz.

The second trial will delve deeper into Manafort's political work from 2006 to 2017, during which he allegedly made $30 million as a consultant for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, the Washington Post reported.

"If I were Trump's lawyers, I'd be focusing all of my defense efforts on the Southern District, and let the Mueller probe go".

The Post reports that Davis is now saying his statements "should have been more clear" and that he does not know whether or not if Cohen has any information.

"I don't think we should be talking about it and embracing it before we've seen the full body of evidence", Schiff, a former prosecutor, said of impeaching the president.

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Or it could be Trump's lawyer's own testimony that the president conspired to commit campaign fraud by secretly paying off his former mistress, Stormy Daniels.

The Trump Organization eventually reimbursed Cohen for the $130,000 payment to Daniels, accepting sham invoices and recording the money it sent to Cohen as legal expenses.

Former Clinton special counsel and now Cohen lawyer - Lanny Davis - said that he could "not independently verify" claims he made last week that the president knew about and encouraged Russian hacking in 2016.

Even those few Republicans who have been willing to speak out about Trump are treading carefully in the wake of Cohen's guilty plea.

Dershowitz said "it would be great" to have Democrats in power so there could be further investigations.

Davis said he should not have expressed such confidence in his information.

The possibility of him answering questions from investigators poses a new danger for the president as federal prosecutors in Washington and Manhattan dig deeper into Trump's business affairs.

Davis primarily functions as a spokesman for Cohen, with the bulk of the actual legal work being done by NY lawyer, Guy Petrillo, who used to work for the Manhattan office now leading the prosecution.

In fact, prosecutors said, Cohen had no retainer agreement with the Trump Organization at the time, and the invoices were not in connection with any legal services he provided in 2017.

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