Sen. John McCain, war hero and maverick presidential contender, dies at 81

Sen. John McCain, war hero and maverick presidential contender, dies at 81

Sen. John McCain, war hero and maverick presidential contender, dies at 81

GOP Senator John McCain has died after battling cancer for more than a year, an aide tells the Associated Press.

Though McCain frequently sparred with his own party, plenty of Republican voices weighed in with kind remembrances Saturday. He says McCain's "dogged patriotism and passion for country" made him an inspiration. John McCain, R-Ariz., leaves a closed-door session on Capitol Hill in Washington.

"I will remember the good times", Palin added. McCain also campaigned for the GOP nomination in 2000 but lost to President George W. Bush, who won the election.

President Donald Trump is offering his "deepest sympathies and respect" to McCain's family.

"John McCain was about more than politics".

McCain's family thanked the caregivers who'd supported him and had shown him kindness, as well as the people who'd expressed their support and kept him in their prayers.

John McCain, prisoner of war, presidential candidate and one of the most influential American politicians of his generation, has died after suffering from brain cancer. By 1982, he'd been elected to the House and four years later to an open Senate seat.

McCain spent the a year ago undergoing cancer treatment, but his family said Friday that he would discontinue that treatment.

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McCain, became a public figure at age 31 when his bed-bound image was broadcast from North Vietnam in 1967.

McCain said in September that his doctors had given him a "very poor prognosis". A friendship struck between John McCain, the former POW, and John Kerry, the former anti-war protester, helped lead to America's restoring relations with Vietnam, where USA involvement in the war ended up tearing apart our own country. He had a reputation for speaking his mind and had also earned US President Donald Trump's ire for voting against the Republican-led effort to repeal Obamacare a year ago.

In 2016, McCain took part in a celebration of a new initiative aimed at curing cancer by 2020. After gambling on political neophyte Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, McCain lost in 2008 to Democrat Barack Obama, who became the first black USA president.

On Friday, Republican Mitt Romney said he was "blessed and humbled" to have been friends with McCain. He was a leader to senators from both parties, a touchstone on foreign and domestic issues. He taught us that as a POW in Vietnam when he made the decision to not allow others to be released before him so he didn't get special treatment. Those were causes greater than himself and party politics. He was defeated by Illinois Senator Barack Obama. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Cindy, and all the McCain family during this time". "His love and his care, ever present, always unfailing, took me from a girl to a woman - and he showed me what it is to be a man".

Senator John McCain was a humble hero and an American patriot. "We join with millions of Americans in mourning his loss, and extend our deepest condolences to Senator McCain's wife, Cindy, and his entire family".

A police escort accompanied the hearse that carried his body, as a fiery sunset cast its last light over the rustic countryside McCain loved dearly, and local residents came bearing flowers for the late political titan. "He lived by his creed every day".

Trump's statement comes a little over a week after he failed to recognize McCain during a signing of the John S McCain National Defense Authorization Act, which lawmakers implemented to honor McCain's leadership of the Senate Armed Services Committee and his years of service in the Senate.

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