Rain Starts To Slow After Flooding Displaces 800000 In Southern Indian State

Rain Starts To Slow After Flooding Displaces 800000 In Southern Indian State

Rain Starts To Slow After Flooding Displaces 800000 In Southern Indian State

Vijayan, the chief minister, has requested extra funding as well as 20 more helicopters and 600 motorised boats to step up the rescue efforts.

Receding flood waters have left Indian troops and rescuers the grim task of hunting for bodies left by the worst monsoon in a century.

Mr Modi arrived in the state on Friday night, Mr Vijayan's office tweeted, with media reports saying the premier would undertake an aerial survey of the worst affected areas on Saturday.

About 1,300 personnel and scores of aircraft and motorboats have been deployed for search and rescue operations, officials said.

"There was no power, no food and no water - even though it was all around us".

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates, where many Keralites work, has also offered assistance to the state.

As a gesture of support, Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) MPs have made a decision to donate their one-month salary to flood-hit Kerala state, where hundreds have lost their lives and houses.

The home ministry announced separately that 868 people have been reported dead in seven Indian states including Kerala since the start of the monsoon in June. But the rain has begun to ease in some areas, and a heavy rain forecast remains in place only for a few spots.

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Heavy rains since August 8 have triggered floods and landslides and caused homes and bridges to collapse across Kerala, a picturesque state known for its quiet tropical backwaters and lovely beaches.

Reporting from Mumbai, NPR's Lauren Frayer says that, "tens of thousands of people have been rescued from flooded homes. but many more are stranded". But the bulk of the fatalities were reported after August 9, when a tragedy of unprecedented proportion gripped the state after sluice gates of several rain-filled dams were opened. However, we are still finding abandoned dogs and were recently able to rescue 13 dogs and a tiny kitten who we found trembling as the floods raged around him. The actual loss can be ascertained after the water recedes in the affected areas.

Heavy rains over the past eight days triggered flooding, landslides and home and bridge collapses, severely disrupting air and train services in Kerala state, a popular tourist destination.

Heavy rains continue to devastate the southern state where the death toll has reached almost 370 since May 29 when the monsoons began.

The state, famed for its palm-lined beaches and tea plantations, is always pommelled by the annual monsoon but this year's damage has been the most severe in nearly a century.

It is normal for Kerala to get some of the country's highest rainfall during monsoon season, but the India Meteorological Department said it had been hit with 37% more than usual because of a spell of low pressure over the region.

The Indian government has pressed in dozens of boats and helicopters to evacuate people from the flooded areas.

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