Rick Scott says state will fight red tide

Rick Scott says state will fight red tide

Rick Scott says state will fight red tide

Red tide blooms produce toxic chemicals that can affect both marine organisms and humans.

FWC officials also want to quickly remove the bodies of dead marine life because their decomposition only works to fuel an already relentless red tide bloom.

The ongoing toxic algae bloom is considered to be the longest red tide outbreak for the Gulf of Mexico in over a decade, and officials say it will most likely last until 2019. The bloom can grow or dissipate based on nutrients in the water, as well as the speed and direction of water currents and wind speeds.

Frequent, strong weather systems can help to break up the bloom.

The excess amount of algae absorbs much of the oxygen in the water, killing off marine life beneath the surface.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is now examining samples of the algae from different locations along the west coast.

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Kevin Cloutier runs a real estate company with properties along many of southwest Florida's waterways. FWC arrived and is helping to transport the manatee to SeaWorld in Orlando, where it will be treated and monitored until it can be released back into the wild.

"Over the past week, reports were received for multiple locations in Sarasota County, in Charlotte County, in and offshore of Lee County, and in Collier County".

Kills can occur at thresholds of at least 10,000 cells per liter.

While biologists are still working to determine the cause of death, if the algae bloom did play a role, it would be the first known incident in which a whale shark has been killed by a bloom.

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