18 killed in Russia helicopter crash

18 killed in Russia helicopter crash

18 killed in Russia helicopter crash

The Criminal Investigation Department of Russian Federation continues to investigate the crash under the criminal code for violation of safety rules that resulted in the death of two or more persons by negligence, Kommersant reported.

In April, a Mi-8 helicopter crashed in far eastern Russian Federation, killing six people.

Rescuers were unable to get close to the site.

Picture: SuppliedAll passengers were believed to have been working for a subsidiary of the state oil company Rosneft.

The helicopter's rotors hit meal pipes which being lifted by another Mi-8, say officials from the site.

The helicopter's black box flight recorders have been recovered and appear undamaged, Russian news agency TASS quoted law enforcement agencies as saying.

'During takeoff it struck cargo hanging from the landing gear of another Mi-8 helicopter'.

The Russian Transport Ministry said the Mi-8 helicopter carrying three crew members and 15 passengers crashed when it collided with machinery carried by another helicopter soon after take off.

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"A Mi-8 helicopter which was carrying external suspended cargo and no passengers completed take-off first".

The chopper was reportedly taking workers to an oil well.

The second helicopter had no passengers on board and managed to land safely.

Rescuers "could not approach" the scene due to the extreme heat of flames.

The helicopter was manufactured in 2010.

Other reports said the crashed Mi-8 was bound for Vankor-Purpe.

The crew of the cargo-carrying helicopter were not injured and there was no adverse weather conditions, said Rosaviatsia.

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