Fortnite For Android APK Download To Bypass Google Play Release

Fortnite For Android APK Download To Bypass Google Play Release

Fortnite For Android APK Download To Bypass Google Play Release

The fact that Epic is so focused on high-end Android devices is perhaps why Fortnite Android is rumored to be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at launch.

The decision is unusual for an app running on a mobile operating system and raises all sorts of questions, not least of which are whether Google's profit grab will remain unassailable, and what the security implications are of stepping outside the official app store. That last part is significant, as there are rumours that Fortnite will be exclusive to Samsung devices for a period of time.

Fortnite, the most popular game on the planet, will soon be out for Android. Considering the huge cost of running millions of constant online games that is a model that shouldn't make sense but Epic has been quite brilliant in how it makes money from the game: it allows players to buy in-game currency that then allows you to customize how your characters look in the game, and it charges "battle passes" - now $10 - that open up a wide variety of fun challenges within the game with rewards for their completion. That allows Epic to make more money on each purchase in the free-to-play game, but it means that users will have to go through a somewhat unconventional process to download and install it. This is a departure from the iOS release of the game, which is available on Apple's App Store.

This makes the release date of Fortnite for Android in general move way back to November or December of 2018. For one, Epic has a storied history of "direct to customer" distribution, especially with Fortnite.

"The 30 percent store tax is a high cost in a world where game developers' 70 percent must cover all the cost of developing, operating, and supporting their games", Sweeney told The Verge.

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Epic Games' chief executive Tim Sweeney said 30% was "disproportionate" to the contribution Google made. Sweeney also said that Epic doesn't want to pay the 30 percent cut of its sales that it would have to give Google if Fortnite were in the Play Store.

However, novice users are typically discouraged from doing so, because apps from unknown sources could pose a security risk. One of the reasons why Pokemon GO ended support for some iOS devices is because developer Niantic wanted to keep pushing the experience further.

Strictly speaking, there is nothing wrong with hosting the game on their website. Samsung may also decide to distribute it through the Galaxy Apps store. Epic's CEO isn't concerned, however, as he states that gamers "have proven able to adopt safe software practices" and, as evidence, states that "gaming has thrived on the open PC platform through many sources".

Fortnite is already available on the Apple store after launching in April.

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