Philippines crushes 'smuggled' cars worth $5.2M

Philippines crushes 'smuggled' cars worth $5.2M

Philippines crushes 'smuggled' cars worth $5.2M

According to Duterte's administration, the Philippines Bureau of Customs seized $2.76 million worth of smuggled cars.

The vehicles had been smuggled into the country from the U.S. Their combined value, CNN reported, was $5.5 million. "And the only way to show it is that you are productive and that you have the economy, to absorb the productivity of the population", Duterte said.

Government videos of the operation were posted to Facebook.

The government has seized around 800 contraband vehicles imported in Cagayan through Port Irene, the location of the public destruction event. According to the government, the Philippines Bureau of Customs seized previous year accounts to over £2.11million (nearly Rs. 19 crore).

"I did this because you have to show the world that you have a viable place of investment and business", said Duterte before this latest round of cars were crushed.

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It was Duterte's second visit to Cagayan to witness the destruction of smuggled luxury cars. The brands destroyed in that demolition included a Pajero, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, Ford Explorer, Corvette Stingray, and Lexus.

"Just because you're a journalist you are not exempted from assassination, if you're a son of a b--h", Duterte said in 2016. At this point, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's actions are nearly ritualistic in his attempted crackdown on crime and government corruption.

"I saw her face and I thought: 'Son of a b--h".

"I said do not destroy [these] because I'll give [these] to the military and the police for their use", Duterte said in the speech. "What is pitiful is that a lot of them were with me since 1988 when I became mayor", he added.

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