Judge blocks release of 3D printer plan for gun

Judge blocks release of 3D printer plan for gun

Judge blocks release of 3D printer plan for gun

US District Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle, Washington, granted on Tuesday the plaintiffs' motion for a temporary restraining order blocking the release of the digital plans, and scheduled a hearing for Aug 10.

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump raised concerns about the sale of plastic guns made with 3-D printers and said on Twitter he had talked with the powerful National Rifle Association lobbying group about the weapons.

Texas-based Defense Distributed had planned to make the instructions widely available Wednesday following the U.S. State Department's settlement of a years-old lawsuit against the company.

Undetectable plastic guns have been illegal for decades but the blue prints for the weapons are out there and thousands have been downloading them.

"It is - simply - insane to give criminals the tools to build untraceable, undetectable 3D-printed guns at the touch of a button".

According to spokeswoman Brionna Aho, the judge's ruling does not order Defense Distribution to take the plans for the guns off their website, but keeping them up is again illegal.

"Even as a strong supporter of the Second Amendment this is not right", the Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski tweeted, linking to a news story on the guns. The Trump administration reversed course, agreeing to allow Defense Distributed to publish the tutorials online.

"We should be doing everything we can to make it more hard for criminals, children, and individuals with serious mental illness to possess a gun".

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Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson said the site has disabled downloads until he reviews the order.

"I am looking into 3D plastic guns being sold to the public".

Spokesman Hogan Gidley tells reporters aboard Air Force One that President Donald Trump "is committed to the safety and security of all Americans and considers this his highest responsibility".

"Many antigun politicians and members of the media have wrongly claimed that 3D printing technology will allow for the production and widespread proliferation of undetectable plastic firearms", said Chris Cox, the NRA's executive director for legislative action.

The second measure is meant to ensure that even guns primarily made of plastic can be discovered by metal detectors. Another hearing is scheduled for August 10.

Some gun rights groups point out laws allow people to make their own guns now and say this isn't all that different.

In an MSNBC segment on Wednesday, retired astronaut Mark Kelly called for criminalizing 3-D printed gun designs to discourage people from disseminating the computerized code. "Because of Attorney General Ferguson's lawsuit, a federal judge has put this administration's risky plan on hold and has taken a responsible step to protect law enforcement, public safety, and our national security". "We're going to dare these eight attorneys general to challenge us", said Mr. DeLuz. "It is temporary - and we'll be back in court immediately seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction".

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