Google declares Android phones can have two notches at most

Google declares Android phones can have two notches at most

Google declares Android phones can have two notches at most

Keep in mind these rules are for the Android manufacturers that want Google's support with the Play Store and services, which is obviously the lion's share of Android devices out there in the wild.

Inside the Android SDK, developers are able to simulate various notches on their test devices to see how they affect their app's appearance.

Some Android phone makers may still deviate from Google's cap on two cutouts, but they'd probably do so at the risk of falling foul of Google's compatibility definition document that outline rules for Android device makers.

Although notches are present on smartphones running Android Oreo, the upcoming major release Android P offers official platform support for the notch. Google says it worked with device manufacturer partners to establish a set of practices for notch implementation so that the hardware design won't conflict with software rules built for app devs.

If any of you insane phone makers are thinking about building a phone with three or more notches, probably don't do that.

Google lays down the law on notches so OEMs can’t screw them up

You won't see multiple cutouts on a single edge, or more than two cutouts on a device.

Phone designers were apparently going overboard if Google had prevent them from putting in three or more.

The point of creating the rules is to ensure app developers can create a consistent experience across variations on devices with one or two cutouts on Android P and devices with 18:9 and larger aspect ratios. Apps by default will have to be letterboxed in the landscape mode; although developers can make use of the space around the cutout in landscape mode, with content around the cutout.

Oppo's latest high-end smartphone avoids the notch trend with a "stealthy 3D camera". Furthermore, Google allows notches only on the top or bottom of the display, and nowhere else. But it's always possible we see some insane designs with a lot of different notches from a manufacturer that doesn't have to follow those rules.

Up until now, no manufacturer has unveiled a smartphone with more than one display cutout.

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