Aeromexico plane carrying 101 people crashes near airport in northern Mexico

Aeromexico plane carrying 101 people crashes near airport in northern Mexico

Aeromexico plane carrying 101 people crashes near airport in northern Mexico

In the end, though, "Good fortune is crucial in any accident", Young said Wednesday. Emergency crews have taken all the injured to area hospitals.

The aircraft, made by Brazilian manufacturer Embraer, was identified as flight 2431 and was traveling from Durango to Mexico City, Aeromexico confirmed on Twitter.

She said people were clamoring to get off the plane. "It was just a little light rain, super light, like barely hitting the windows", Herrera said.

"You may be in a portion of the aircraft that is not yet on fire, and you think you have time", said Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, "but conditions can change in seconds".

"Then all of a sudden the plane starts rocking and it starts seriously, seriously moving around and then hitting the ground".

"I unbuckled my son's seatbelt and we got out that way", she explained.

Governor Aispuro told local media that the Mexico City bound plane was in the process of taking off, when a loud "bang" and immediately the aircraft was on the ground. "When you see the pictures of the plane post-crash with flames coming out of it, it really is incredible that nobody was killed on impact". "I was afraid of being burned but we jumped without thinking or taking anything with us", Flores said, according to Mexico News Daily.

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A Mexican pilots association said previous year there were 66 accidents and 173 incidents in Mexican aviation, saying the number was "worrying" and calling for more supervision of flying schools, more funds for maintenance and oversight of fleets, and shorter flying hours for pilots. There was fire everywhere.

Approximately 85 people had been injured during the crash, with 37 of those hospitalised. "The pilot suffered the most serious injury, a cervical lesion that required surgery".

But he was thankful to be alive. "Because I just fell from the sky and I am here to live and talk about it". Another person injured in the incident was Rev. Esequiel Sanchez, director of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, according to a statement from the Archdiocese of Chicago.

He credits both the pilot and the fact the plane had not gained much altitude for the good outcome. He was "alert and resting", the diocese said, adding, "We pray for Fr. Sanchez and everyone affected by this plane crash".

An internet site on the aviation industry says the Embraer 190 airliner was about a decade old.

The state's governor said he has asked emergency officials to respond to the scene. Some people had burns on a quarter of their bodies, said Durango state Health Ministry spokesman Fernando Ros.

An Illinois priest was on the plane. The rest of his group suffered abrasions and minor neck and back injuries. Crosswinds that gusted higher than expected, caused the plane to veer off the runway and crash into a ravine. "We heard a loud noise behind us-and the next thing we knew it was starting to smoke and fire".

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