‘Game of Thrones:’ Last season to debut in ‘first half’ of 2019

‘Game of Thrones:’ Last season to debut in ‘first half’ of 2019

‘Game of Thrones:’ Last season to debut in ‘first half’ of 2019

The news of the movie's greenlight comes 12 years after "Deadwood" went off the air back in 2006, after having run for a total of 3 seasons (36 episodes) on HBO. There was a promise of a two-hour movie in place of a fourth season, but it failed to materialize.

John Rocha and Dennis Tzeng weigh in on these statements from Bloys and speculate on what they expect to see from this Deadwood movie. That's where the details stopped. "We are just starting the search for director, casting director", Bloys said.

"All of these people have worked very hard to get this together".

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Another reporter highlighted the topic of gun violence in the series to which Bloys responded that the show is set in a western setting, and HBO has other shows that display nudity and violence. Critics regard Deadwood as one of the best shows HBO created and one of the best shows of all time.

A revival of the series starring Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant and Molly Parker, which ranks among HBO's most celebrated to date, has always been rumored since it ended in 2006. Dan Minahan, who directed four episodes of the original series and episodes of Game of Thrones, will helm the film. Actually, if someone wants to go dangle a hat in front of Olyphant and drop a script full of curse words in front of McShane, that would help. A guest on "Watch What Happens Live", he told host Andy Cohen he was "hopeful" about it - but "that being said, there's no [expletive] way it's ever going to happen". He added that HBO chose to revive the show because they felt there was unfinished business with regard to the series. I'm happy to say that David totally delivered on that. It's one of the most wonderful creative experiences I've ever been able to be apart of, and I'd love to be ... you know when you do these things you really miss the people.

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