Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse 2018: Date, Time in India, significance

Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse 2018: Date, Time in India, significance

Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse 2018: Date, Time in India, significance

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On July 27, the world will witness the lunar event of the century as the sun, moon and earth prepare to align in a ideal line for an hour and 43 minutes.

NASA, meanwhile, has called out social media hoaxers claiming that Mars will appear as big as the moon during the eclipse. It only reflects the light it gets from the Sun.

In east Africa: the partial eclipse will begin at 9.30pm EAT, with the moon completely red between 10.30pm and 12.13am.

It depends partly on "how cloudy or transparent those parts of the Earth's atmosphere are which enable sunlight to reach the moon", he told AFP.

During a total lunar eclipse, the moon takes on its ghostly red pallor because of the Earth's shadow.

This is what gives the phenomenon the name "blood moon", though Mark Bailey of the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland said the colour can vary greatly. "You will see the sunrise and sunset of the Earth lighting up the surface of the Moon - over 350,000 km away".

The celestial event, where the moon will line up with the Earth and the sun, will be seen across the United Kingdom and other parts of the Eastern hemisphere.

This full moon in July is also known as the Full Buck Moon and Thunder Moon, occurring when a male deer's antlers are in full growth and at a time of frequent thunderstorms, according to the Farmer's Almanac. "In other words, the moon is taking nearly the longest possible path through Earth's shadow".

St Helens Star

Which is a shame, as it means some people could miss the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, when the Earth casts its shadow over the moon. And finally, there are total lunar eclipses, where the entire moon passes through the umbra.

Stargazers will be able to witness the best view of the eclipse in a region spreading across all of sub-Saharan and east Africa, the Middle East, central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and central Russian Federation.

This spectacle, called a selenelion, was due to unfold a few minutes after 8am, and could be best viewed in southern areas, provided their skies were clear. has a map showing more exact times.

Where skies are clear of cloud, the spectacle will be visible nearly everywhere around the world, with the exception of North America.

The skies across most of France are set to be mostly clear for Friday's lunar eclipse.

One can watch a lunar eclipse with naked eye. About half an hour later, Mars will rise in the same place, sparkling brighter than usual because, in an astronomical coincidence, it is closer to us than at any time during the past 15 years. The Mars opposition is when Mars, Earth and the Sun form a straight line during the course of their orbits.

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured fresh images of Saturn and Mars as they approach opposition - the point in their orbit when the planets are at their closest to Earth, and fully illuminated by the light of our star. So if bad weather disrupts your opportunity on Friday, there will be more chances. The website will be livestreaming the eclipse beginning at 2 p.m. EDT Friday. The moon will be close to the horizon, so make sure to look west-south-west.

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