Jeff Bezos' company will charge $200000 for a flight to space

Jeff Bezos' company will charge $200000 for a flight to space

Jeff Bezos' company will charge $200000 for a flight to space

The New Shepard reusable rocket lifted off from the Washington-based company's suborbital facility in Van Horn, Texas, about 10 a.m. As planned, the high-altitude firing pushed the capsule past the boundary of outer space, to an unofficial maximum altitude of 389,846 feet, or 119 kilometers.

Wednesday's flight will be the ninth by a New Shepard rocket, and the third using Blue Origin's most recent model of the single-stage vehicle, which debuted in December and made its second launch and landing in April.

Aside from Mannequin Skywalker, the New Shepard spacecraft carried a payload of science experiments from NASA, commercial firms, and universities, as well as cargo sent up the company's own personnel as part of the "Fly My Stuff" program - all detailed on the Blue Origin website in the Mission 9 cargo manifest.

Blue Origin has yet to announce when it will start selling tickets or how much flights will cost. This is high enough for the people to experience a few moments of weightlessness. People will be able to rise to the height of 100 km above the Earth, where you will see that our planet is spherical in shape. On a standard mission, the craft separates from the rocket after engine cutoff and lands with the aid of parachutes.

Sir Richard Branson founder of Virgin Galactic with his Spaceship Two and White Knight Two carrier aircraft

Other items aboard the flight include a NASA-funded vibration damping system to allow for more precise experiments in microgravity, an assortment of scientific, medical and textile materials from the Thai startup mu Space, and an allotment of mementos and other items provided by Blue Origin employees. But the company Blue Origin has found a way out of this situation.

Company officials were recently quoted as saying the first tests with Blue Origin astronauts would take place "at the end of this year", with tickets for the public expected to go on sale in 2019.

However, executives said they haven't set a price yet, according to CNET. "Anyone predicting dates is guessing".

In May, the famous tech personality said that the ticket prices have not been decided yet.

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