Andrew Lincoln Leaving 'The Walking Dead' in Season 9 - Rick Dies?

Andrew Lincoln Leaving 'The Walking Dead' in Season 9 - Rick Dies?

Andrew Lincoln Leaving 'The Walking Dead' in Season 9 - Rick Dies?

"I'm particularly fond of the people who watch this show", he added during the Comic-Con panel.

In the comics, the Whisperers are a mysterious group of survivors who disguise themselves with roamer skin to blend in and not get noticed, and in the series are formidable adversaries of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his allies. I love this show.

Oh Rick! After playing the main character in such a popular TV show for so many years, it's unsurprising that Lincoln feels a certain amount of emotion when talking about leaving the show behind. "I've done enough crying onscreen... I promised not to cry", he said. This has been the most extraordinary, awesome and handsome experience of my career, made largely because of you guys and the relationship we have here with you in this room and also in the rooms across America and the rest of the world.

During a question and answer session with fans, the actor was asked what role he would like to take next.

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"My relationship with Mr. Grimes is far from over and a sort of large part of me will always be a machete-wielding, Stetson-wearing, zombie-slaying sheriff's deputy from London, England."

Welcome to a new chapter of The Walking Dead. It's been so much a part of my life, I breathed it for 10 years. What a thing. I'm really, really excited about this season. This is someone I've known for nearly a decade, somebody that I love.

Robert Kirkman, who created The Walking Dead comic books, confirmed that Andrew was leaving the show and that the actor "wants to do something special" in his final episodes.

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