Elderly woman mistakenly steals auto, drives it for 2 weeks

Elderly woman mistakenly steals auto, drives it for 2 weeks

Elderly woman mistakenly steals auto, drives it for 2 weeks

The woman pointed out the area she had parked in, only to find the black Nissan Sentra still sitting there.

When a auto is stolen, it's atypical for anyone to laugh about it - the seriousness of what has been stolen, including what is possibly inside the vehicle, doesn't elicit a humorous response.

Returning to the parking lot, she instead got into a black Infiniti QX50 crossover-SUV parked nearby, which she mistook for her rental and which was, unfortunately, open with the keys in the ignition. The owner of the vehicle left his fob in the auto, enabling the woman to drive away. Shortly after, she returned to the parking lot, got into a black vehicle and headed home.

Two weeks later, when the woman tried to return that very same vehicle, the manager clued in. Constable Tommy MacKay who dealt with the incident said the man who owned the stolen Infiniti had a good laugh about it and the woman who stole it was embarrassed.

But little did she know she was actually seated behind the wheel of someone else's auto. After getting the auto, she stopped off at a nearby Walmart to shop, before returning to the parking lot, hopping in a black vehicle and driving home.

When she exited with her groceries, she loaded them into a vehicle that wasn't her rental.

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Meanwhile, for the next two weeks, the woman, driving the Infiniti, trundled around the greater Cornwall area doing her thing, before returning the vehicle to the rental place. Both vehicles had keyless starters, and the owner of the QX50, an elderly man, had apparently left his own in the auto. "Once inside, the woman spoke to the manager and commented about how unkempt the inside of the vehicle was and the fact that there was a set of golf clubs in it as well", police said on Facebook.

She wouldn't listen when the manager informed her they weren't renting this model of auto.

A Cornwall woman will not face any charges after accidentally stealing a vehicle for two weeks.

Take your keys with you.

. When both, the manager and the woman reached the Walmart parking lot, the rental vehicle was still parked at the same spot where it had been parked two weeks before.

How the mix-up happened is simple, both drivers left their keys in their vehicles.

Eventually they drove over to the Wal Mart where they found the rental auto and called police.

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