Reddit is About to See its Biggest Ban Ever Thanks to Thanos

Reddit is About to See its Biggest Ban Ever Thanks to Thanos

Reddit is About to See its Biggest Ban Ever Thanks to Thanos

And the fun continues today. The subreddit is paying tribute to Thanos' infamous snap from Infinity War by banning half of their users, restoring balance to the universe and their corner of the internet. Reddit engineers initially stymied the mod's requests to ban half of all members because such an undertaking "could potentially cause some headaches with our databases", partially because moderators can't be banned from their own subreddits.

The r/ThanosDidNothingWrong subreddit now has more than 575k subscribers.

The subreddit, which now has 498 THOUSAND subscribers and increasing on a daily basis, is planning to ban half its population in honour of the Mad Titan, Thanos. On July 5 the subreddit was at 360,000 subscribers. Also, to make it even more glorifying, the moderators have reportedly asked Thanos himself, played by Josh Brolin, to push the button come July 9, which will take the ban into effect.

"Here we go, Reddit Users", a shirtless Brolin said smiling before he snaps his fingers.

Since the Russo Brothers posted the video, which was shortly before 10 AM Pacific time, the initial tweet has gained over 4.6 thousand likes and it's been retweeted over 1,000 times.

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In addition to the balancing of the subreddit user universe, new subreddits have popped up for those unlucky souls who get banned.

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The idea is to randomize the entire process, but extra work will be needed in order to pull off the joke, as they are looking into bots to make the mass-banning possible. And if you're anxious about being taken out or you end up being one of the folks snapped out of existence by the cruel - but fair - Reddit moderators, head over to r/InTheSoulStone to bond with others over your feelings and start a new world within the soul realm.

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

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