Scott Pruitt Says 'Unrelenting Attacks' Led To His Resignation

Scott Pruitt Says 'Unrelenting Attacks' Led To His Resignation

Scott Pruitt Says 'Unrelenting Attacks' Led To His Resignation

Making the announcement via Twitter, Trump also indicated that the agency's Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler will assume acting leadership of the EPA starting Monday (July 9). The agency's security officials are expected to decide what level of protection Wheeler needs.

The Post story offered one supportive quote - Trump saying, "I have no doubt that Andy will continue on with our great and lasting EPA agenda".

"We are going to see a bigger battle in the Supreme Court; it's very, very likely we'll see someone in place at the Supreme Court before EPA", Ornstein said.

As recently as June 8, Trump praised Pruitt, telling reporters on the South Lawn of the White House that the EPA administrator was "doing a great job within the walls of the EPA", and that "we're setting records". "Thank you again, Mr. President, for the honor of serving you and I wish you Godspeed in all that you put your hand to".

He also touted what he called "improved environmental outcomes as well as historical regulatory reform" that was "occurring at an unprecedented pace" during his tenure at the agency. James Inhofe, R-Okla., whom you may recall from the 2015 floor speech in which he rebutted climate change science with a snowball.

An internal EPA email shows that the same month Wheeler was lobbying the Interior Department to shrink Bears Ears, his lobbying colleagues at Faegre-Baker-Daniels were over at the EPA discussing abandoned uranium mines and their cleanup contracts.

Republicans say Wheeler is well-qualified to lead the EPA, having worked at the agency early in his career.

"He is not an accidental administrator".

Democrats and environmental groups decried Wheeler as an apologist for the coal industry.

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When I was repeatedly targeted with violent actions, I felt that I was treated unjustly. "Criticism is nonsense. TV shows and newspaper just want to fill the space".

While Wheeler may find it hard to accumulate the same number of ridiculous scandals as his predecessor, many pointed to the fact that he hosted fundraisers for GOP senators while they were evaluating his nomination for deputy EPA administrator as clear evidence of his contempt for basic ethical standards.

From a policy perspective, Pruitt was one of Trump's most effective Cabinet members.

"We have in Andrew Wheeler someone who has made a career out of trying to block everything we've done to try to protect our children from the growing dangers of climate change - a person who has made a career out of trying to push back against common sense safeguards to protect the air we breathe from unsafe chemicals like mercury, arsenic and others", says Bob Deans of the Natural Resources Defense Council. In Oklahoma, where he sided with poultry companies in Arkansas to subvert environmental protections for a river in his own state and suppressed a report on corruption at a Superfund site, what he wanted was the political support of a wealthy industry.

He has always been a harsh critic of climate change science.

"As the Trump administration's agent, he has spent the past two years refusing to protect Adirondack water and air from pollution, and delaying enforcement actions on the most basic of public health protections", Executive Director Willie Janeway said in a statement.

It is unclear exactly what Wheeler's plans are for the RFS, but during a Senate hearing in November, he said in response to questioning that he respected the program as the "law of the land".

Wheeler "has the potential to be just as destructive", said Michael Mikulka, president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 704.

'We're proud of him for that, ' Pollard said.

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