Prince Harry & Meghan Markle attend "Your Commonwealth" Youth Challenge Reception

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle attend

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle attend "Your Commonwealth" Youth Challenge Reception

And on Thursday, the Duchess of Sussex made a statement fashion choice in a bright canary yellow dress during her appearance with Prince Harry at the "Your Commonwealth" Youth Challenge Reception in London's Marlborough House. "She also does use a more English vowel sound when she says the word all: "We (ohll) had a great day, ' "Very lucky (ohll) around.' The words 'shining" and 'much" also sound more English, but that's to be expected as she's around English people much of the time".

But according to Twitter users, Meghan's accent had a new hint of British, and is starting to slowly lose her American one.

However, there was one other detail about her ensemble that didn't go unnoticed. With her first formal dinner likely to happen this year, she'll need look no further than one of these spectacular gowns.

One person noted accents aren't biological and can be adopted along the way.

'New flash of course #Meghan Markle [is] going to start sounding British.

They disappeared from the public view for a couple of weeks following their marriage at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19, leading to speculation they had enjoyed a secret and private honeymoon.

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The newlywed appeared to have a bit of a British accent during the exchange. We're basically fully-fledged Cockneys within four seconds of landing at Heathrow so, frankly, she's done well to hang onto her West Coast American accent for as long as she has. 'This isn't that insane & I doubt it's phoney [sic]'.

"Check back with Meghan in a year", Roche added.

Or, if she really is working on her "British accent", so what? And 3. It's a subconscious form of empathy. Goldes also pointed out that "we tend to hear what we expect to hear".

Dennis Preston, a regents professor of linguistics at Oklahoma State University, told Yahoo Lifstyle that he didn't detect a British accent when he watched the video. "I hope she does not forget it", tweeted another. I just didn't find anything resembling a British accent, ' he said.

'It's your brain playing a trick on you'.

'She married an Englishman, she lives in England, she's hanging with the queen, and people think, "Gosh, she must be doing something with her language,"' he explained.

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