Talks held over south Syria towns

Talks held over south Syria towns

Talks held over south Syria towns

But on Sunday, following mediation efforts by Jordan, the team re-entered talks with Russian officers, Ibrahim al Jabawi, the spokesman for FSA negotiators said.

As the battle for southwestern Syria continues, both Daraa residents and local rebels are caught between facing a pro-government onslaught or accepting reconciliation and returning to state control.

Israel's military says it deployed additional tank and artillery forces on the Syrian front on Sunday as a precaution given intensified fighting over the border between regime's forces and the opposition.

Observatory Director Rami Abdulrahman, speaking by phone, said some people had also fled to government territory, while others crossed to a corner of southwest Syria held by an Islamic State-affiliated group. Assad's forces captured the last enclaves near Damascus and Homs earlier this year.

Guterres reminded parties that the area was part of a de-escalation agreement agreed between Jordan, Russia and the United States. The army had gained control over the towns of al-Harak, Ibta and Rakham, it said, and a rebel said opposition lines in one area had collapsed.

In another important development, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, in an exclusive interview with British Channel 4, on Friday said that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad isn't just defending Syria, he is defending the entire region against terrorism.

United Nations human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein called on all sides in the conflict to end the escalating violence in Daraa and avoid a repetition "of the bloodshed and suffering seen earlier this year" in eastern suburbs of the capital Damascus.

"We would be glad for every family to prepare a sealed bag for a Syrian child with small games and toys, drawing paper, crayons and non-melting candy, to give them a moment of sweet, innocent joy", Malka said.

Missing 13 found safe in Thai cave but rescue 'not over'
Aside from belongings left at the mouth of the cave and handprints on cave walls, there has been no trace of them found since. Throughout last week, specialists and rescue teams worked to save the group, including experts from China and Australia.

On Saturday at least ten civilians were killed when bombs were dropped on the rebel-held village of Ghasam, relief workers said.

The Observatory said that since the offensive began 11 days ago, 116 civilians have been killed including five on Saturday.

The decision to strengthen its defenses in the area was taken after the Syrian Army had escalated its fight against militants as part of an ongoing aerial and ground-based anti-terrorist operation launched close to the border with Jordan and Israel.

She called for creating safe zones inside Syria and increasing aid and medical supplies to the country while trying to broker truces with the warring sides there.

Proximity to Israel: Fighting in the region risks a further escalation of the conflict due to its proximity to Israel, which said it would not allow Syrian ground forces, backed by Iran, in or near its occupied territory in the Golan Heights.

An Israeli army commander told Reuters it was hard to quantify how many people had sought shelter in the area immediately across the border, but that it was in the thousands and there were hundreds more arriving each day.

Footage released by the Israeli military yesterday showed a forklift truck unloading palettes with supplies that it said included 300 tents, 28 tons of food, medical equipment and medication, footwear and clothing.

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