Donald Trump says he'll bring up election meddling with Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump says he'll bring up election meddling with Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump says he'll bring up election meddling with Vladimir Putin

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton appeared in an interview with CBS News' Margaret Brennan on Sunday and during his "Face the Nation" appearance, Bolton refused to provide a firm stance on President Trump's views of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

"I'm concerned when the president tweets, you know, 'Russia denies they meddled in our election, ' " Graham said on NBC's "Meet the Press", adding: "When they say they didn't meddle, they're lying".

Wallace brought up concerns from world leaders and said there's the impression Trump "seemed to be tougher on our allies at the G7 than he was on an adversary like Kim", and some leaders are anxious about what could happen if Trump criticizes North Atlantic Treaty Organisation this week and then "goes and praises Putin". A man-to-man meeting with Russia's President Vladimir Putin is the kind of encounter that United States President Donald Trump, confident of America's military and economic clout - Russia's entire GDP is less than California's - and his own deal-making ability, seems to relish.

Trump's comments came after he expressed doubt on the United States intelligence community's conclusion that Russian Federation sought to interfere in the presidential election, adding that Russian Federation did not play a role in the alleged meddling. And I think that in the president's mind this is very important because it gives him an opportunity to size up Vladimir Putin to see where there are areas where we might make progress together and where there are areas where we may not'.

"No, that's not the position of the United States" Bolton said.

"We're going to talk about Ukraine, we're going to be talking about Syria". "We'll see what Russian Federation does", Trump said.

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Responding to reports North Korea is already breaking several terms of denuclearization agreed upon with Trump, Graham said he is also anxious about Trump being too soft with dictator Kim Jong Un.

Just days after Western leaders meet in Brussels on July 11, Trump is due to fly to Helsinki for his first one-on-one summit on July 16 with Putin. "But I think having a relationship with China,'s a good thing", Mr Trump said.

Trump and Putin have met twice before on the sidelines of worldwide gatherings and spoken at least eight times by phone.

Trump also suggested that scrapping sanctions on Russian Federation depended on its actions, including in Syria. Leaders of the other G7 nations - Britain, Canada, Italy, France, Germany and Japan - have all made clear Russian Federation is not welcome back until and unless it gives Crimea back to Ukraine.

The July 16 US-Russia summit in Helsinki could reset a relationship dogged by decades of risky rivalry.

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