US Supreme Court Justice announces retirement

US Supreme Court Justice announces retirement

US Supreme Court Justice announces retirement

Chief Justice John Roberts is the Supreme Court's new man in the middle. Asked about Barrett, he said, "She's an outstanding woman".

A confirmation vote for Garland was never held, as the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell determined it was too soon before the presidential election.

Steven Law, president of the Senate Leadership Fund, a campaign group aligned with McConnell, said the group began running ads Thursday in 10 states that Trump won in 2016 where Democratic senators are now up for re-election.

Even if a post-Kennedy court doesn't overturnObergefell, there are other ways it can turn back the clock on LGBT rights.

Trump spoke about his plans for nominating a replacement for retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy aboard Air Force One en route to Bedminster, N.J. Judge Sotomayor said that President Trump has never disavowed any of his prior statements about Islam. "I think you want to go as quickly as possible". Republicans hold a 51-49 majority in the Senate.

Gorsuch was sworn in in April last year to fill a more than year-long vacancy left by the death of Scalia, a delay orchestrated by McConnell to deny Obama the nomination.

Muslim Advocates, an organization that has filed eight lawsuits related to the entrance policy, said they were totally hopeless but blasted the court battle as just "one fight in a broader battle against Trump's anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant agenda".

De Sousa said he understood the significance because of his background as a constitutional lawyer.

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A slot on the nine-member bench opened with the announced retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who for years has served as the tie-breaking vote between the bench's liberal and conservative judges. At the time, GOP leaders said the new president should get to pick the new justice. "Usually they don't say that".

Trump told reporters in the Oval Office Wednesday that the same 25 names that were on the list when he chose Neil Gorsuch are up for consideration as Kennedy's replacement. Trump invited all five to the White House for a private meeting the day after Kennedy announced his retirement. In a CNN exit poll, 70 percent of 2016 American voters said the Supreme Court was an important factor in their vote.

It isn't clear what other woman might be on Trump's short list.

In nominating his successor Trump has the opportunity to shift the high court decisively to the right.

Trump's nominee must win confirmation by the Senate. Kennedy, appointed by President Ronald Reagan, has been a swing vote on issues like abortion and affirmative action to gay rights and capital punishment.

Now, Democrats argue that Trump's pick should not be put to a vote until after new legislators are elected in midterm polls this fall.

In a statement, Leo says that Kennedy "has cared deeply about the relationship between the Constitution and individual liberty, and played a key role in helping to shape the Supreme Court's conservative jurisprudence in the areas of campaign finance and the First Amendment, gun rights and the Second Amendment, the separation of powers and federalism, and reasonable restrictions on abortion, such as the partial-birth abortion ban".

AMY CONEY BARRETT of Indiana, US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit: Barrett is a relatively new appeals court judge in Chicago, confirmed a year ago after a bruising confirmation fight.

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