Colbert, Fallon, and Conan team up to take on Trump

Colbert, Fallon, and Conan team up to take on Trump

Colbert, Fallon, and Conan team up to take on Trump

So, they added Conan to their FaceTime, and he hilariously pretended he had no idea that Donald Trump, the real estate man, was even President.

In his monologue following the opening clip, Colbert continued to make fun of Trump, criticizing the Supreme Court's controversial decision to uphold the president's travel ban as well as addressing Monday's rally.

The host also disputed Trump's claim that Fallon had called him to tell him that he had "monster ratings". Colbert asks, and they joke about how they definitely didn't watch Trump's rally, where he apparently said some bad stuff about them. After the audience went insane over their exchange, Fallon asked Stephen what he was up to, and Stephen answered, "I'm busy having no talent".

"Really? That doesn't sound like him", Colbert said.

Trump was referencing a moment during the 2016 presidential campaign when Fallon messed up Trump's famous hair on "The Tonight Show". "You're the president. Why are you tweeting at me?"

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"I heard he said we're all no talent, low-life, lost souls", responded Fallon. "He's president? How's he doing?" "That's Conan", Colbert said, before placing a call to O'Brien. "If we're not civil, this thing could start to get ugly".

Colbert then brings the redheaded host into the video chat, where they catch him mid-shave.

"What do you want to eat?"

The US chain has also been attacked by Trump after his press secretary Sarah Sanders was refused service at one of its branches. Colbert asks, to which Fallon replies, "Red Hen?"

While Trump has targeted quite a few famous people since he entered politics, he's taken particular issue with the late night shows he's appeared on, like Colbert's The Late Show. The president railed against Jimmy Kimmel as well, who's been his most outspoken critic in late night, calling him "terrible", as reported by Time.

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