Train from Alberta derails, spills oil in Iowa

Train from Alberta derails, spills oil in Iowa

Train from Alberta derails, spills oil in Iowa

Vander Stoep says efforts are underway to try to contain the leaking oil.

"We have representatives from the EPA, state, local, regional, regulators are on site overseeing what we're doing and working with them to make sure that we clean up in the appropriate way as it relates to federal law and state law", said BSNF spokesperson Andy Williams.

Omaha's public water utility - Metropolitan Utilities District - said it was monitoring pumps it uses to pull drinking water from the Missouri River.

Governor Adam Gregg listen to flood victims while visiting the northwest Iowa flood regions and the BNSF train derailment.

Williams said he did not immediately know the train's destination.

Leah Vanderbrink, of Doon, Iowa, said, "Around a quarter to five this morning, our neighbor called and said that a train derailed and had derailed into one of our fields". The nearby Little Rock River rose rapidly after heavy rain Wednesday and Thursday.

The Associated Press Tank cars carrying crude oil are shown derailed about a mile south of Doon, Iowa, on Friday.

Vander Stoep said that drinking water in Doon and the immediate area didn't seem to be in danger of contamination.

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Officials say 230,000 gallons (870,619 liters) spilled.

Cities downstream from the spill are monitoring their water systems.

The city, with a population of almost 3,400, will stay on the rural water system until testing by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources confirms the safety of the city's drinking water, Olson said. "It sounds like the cleanup is going to take a while".

Williams said the derailed cars were a model known as DOT-117Rs, indicating they were newer or had been retrofitted to be safer and help prevent leaks in the event of an accident.

The sheriff said the "flood is definitely causing a lot of problems".

It's not yet clear how many tankers are leaking or how much oil has escaped. Cleanup crews have been dispatched.

Evacuations began in Rocky Valley early Friday morning as water poured into homes and basements.

The National Weather Service says the Rock River is expected to crest later Friday about a foot below the 2014 record of almost 23 feet (7 meters), when several Rock Valley homes were damaged by the floodwater.

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