E3 2018: Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Hints at Sinister Six

E3 2018: Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Hints at Sinister Six

E3 2018: Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Hints at Sinister Six

Sony took most of its time hyping games that have already been announced, in a odd stage show that brought attendees from one themed room to another.

None of these games were given release dates, they weren't even given release years, and only the fourth game of the bunch, Spider-Man, is in the final stages of development.

Marvel's Spider-Man will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 on September 7. The Sinister Six, to be exact.

Sucker Punch creative director Nate Fox said: "In this game, we let you explore what it is to be a samurai inside of this enormous landscape of medieval Japan". The gameplay looked like it was running at 60 frames per second in near 4K on a PlayStation 4 Pro, and that made New York City pop to life as I sent the webcrawler flinging carelessly through the air.

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Marvel's Spider-Man features your favorite web-slinger in a story unlike any before it. This isn't the Spider-Man you've met before, or seen in a movie. Worse, as you saw at the end of the gameplay video, Spider-Man is no match on his own in the one vs. five situation. The spidey-sense symbol warns the player of an incoming attack, but the best response is to change up the pace of combat rather than simply press a button.

The prison break looks to be the game's premise, as Spider-Man's biggest villains beat the snot out of him and, presumably, head towards the city for whatever criminal intent their mysterious liberator has in mind.

Ghost of Tsushima is the newest of the four games, and having only just been announced at Paris Games Week past year with a brief teaser, it was intriguing to see what this game was actually all about.

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