What the Tech? iOS 12 introduction

What the Tech? iOS 12 introduction

What the Tech? iOS 12 introduction

Apple's announcement of iOS 12 during the WWDC opening keynote earlier this week may have caught most of the headlines and attention but it also announced a new version of macOS.

The addition of these features was previously leaked by Bloomberg, but the details on how they worked wasn't yet known. For most iPhone users iOS 12 will launch in September, the traditional launch for new versions of the operating system.

I've been using iOS 12 Beta on my iPhone X for a few days and needless to say that Apple's claims about performance are absolutely spot on. But did you know that more than 20 million people are now building apps for Apple devices, or that 10 billion Siri requests are processed every month?

The new system is created to make everyday tasks faster and more responsive, and makes older devices such as the iPhone 6 run faster, according to Apple. And when you swipe down from that corner, you'll see the Control Center spring down, just like it does on iPhone X.

Siri can also prompt you to turn notifications off entirely or just delivery them quietly. The new OS will come with a new automatic index, powered by machine learning, that groups pictures of events such as concerts or sports games together. Using this store also is one of the safest places you can go to get all kinds of apps for your Mac PC. Another interesting feature is Downtime, which suggests when it's time to put the phone down. And you can also see which apps are sending you the most notifications. Screen time can also apply use limits for apps and groups of apps.

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The 31 new countries Apple will launch the software in this summer include Bulgaria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Qatar, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru.

So, if you own a MacBook or iMac here's some of the biggest and best new features coming to your computer very soon. However, there is still no option to close all apps at once.

"Some apps demand more of our attention than we might realise", Federighi said.

Screen Time will now be tied to an account, meaning that parents will be able to restrict and block out certain apps from being used on several devices, such as your kids' phone and iPad.

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