Germany Zoo Animals Escape Cages Amid Severe Flooding

Germany Zoo Animals Escape Cages Amid Severe Flooding

Germany Zoo Animals Escape Cages Amid Severe Flooding

Local authorities advised residents to stay inside their homes and call police if they see anything.

A flood-hit German town was locked down for several hours Friday over fears that five risky big cats had escaped a local zoo before they were found hiding in their soggy enclosures.

Andreas Kruppert, the mayor of the town of Arzfeld, said the confusion arose because volunteers using a drone were unable to find the carnivores, prompting fears they had all escaped the zoo in Luenebach, near Germany's borders with Luxembourg and Belgium.

Police told the Associated Press that all of the escaped animals are still believed to be on the grounds of the zoo, but locals have been warned to stay inside as a precaution.

Vets are said to be on sight as well as police and firefighters.

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The 74-acre zoo offers many attractions including a cable vehicle and a miniature village.

The zoo is home to about 400 animals, many of which are big cats.

According to the German broadcaster, heavy rain meant the water level increased and nearly the "entire zoo was flooded". A bear was shot dead, Sky News reported.

It was not clear how and when the animals escaped.

Friday's escape came two years after another similar case in eastern Germany, when two lions broke out of their cages at the Leipzig zoo.

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