'I hear covfefe': President Trump weighs in on 'yanny' and 'laurel'

'I hear covfefe': President Trump weighs in on 'yanny' and 'laurel'

'I hear covfefe': President Trump weighs in on 'yanny' and 'laurel'

The White House on Thursday jumped in on the "Yanny vs. Laurel" audio debate and it turns out President Trump doesn't hear either of the names that have split the nation. "All I hear is Yanny", Sanders replies.

Some hear one word very clearly and can't understand why anyone would hear the other.

Like any viral clip, this one also began when Cloe Feldman, a YouTuber, and social media influencer, added this audio clip to her Instagram story and then took to Twitter, asking, "What do you hear?!"

So if you're hearing Laurel, you're likely picking up on the lower frequency.

A new video surfaced Wednesday showing a clear creature which lights up and speaks, but what does it say?

Others weigh in: presidential advisor Ivanka Trump claims it's laurel, while Vice President Mike Pence asks, "Who's yanny?"

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Now, the White House wants to be in on the debate.

If not a short audio clip has been trending online that asks people what word they hear, Yanny or Laurel.

"When there is more energy towards the mid and higher frequencies, people tend to hear "Yanny".

Comparing this with the dress, a user wrote, "so is this dress yanny or laurel".

"Clearly you are getting your information from CNN because that's fake news".

Conway joked that while the sound she heard was "laurel", she could "deflect and divert to yanny" if needed.

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