Indonesians Pay Respect to the Victims and Heroes of Surabaya Bombings

Indonesians Pay Respect to the Victims and Heroes of Surabaya Bombings

Indonesians Pay Respect to the Victims and Heroes of Surabaya Bombings

An eight-year-old girl, who was reportedly with the family, survived the blast and was being treated in a hospital, said an East Java police spokesman. Six civilians and four officers were wounded.

The mother and the daughters, who had bombs strapped to them, attacked the Diponegoro Indonesian Christian Church.

"The Surabaya cell and the Sidoarjo cell are the same network because they met regularly on Sunday evening", said Arifin, referring to the three families behind the attacks.

At least 11 people, including a suicide bomber, were killed and 41 injured on Sunday in bomb attacks on three churches in the Indonesian city of Surabaya.

Tri, his wife Tri Ernawati, aged 43, and their other sons, MDA, aged 16, and MDS, aged 14, died instantly in the motorcycle bombing at the Surabaya Police Headquarters.

However, the return of Indonesian fighters and their families from ISIS-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria presented a new challenge to the country's law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

All told, 25 people have died since Sunday including a total of 13 militants and their children.

The Islamic State (known as IS) claimed responsibility for the church attacks.

Hawaii Kilauea volcano could soon explode in once-in-a-century eruption
The magma would heat the water and create steam that would push accumulated rocks out in an explosion. Geologists warn that Kilauea could shoot out large boulders and ash out of its summit crater.

THE Department of Foreign Affairs says it "continues to receive information" terrorists are planning fresh attacks in Indonesia and has warned Australians to take particular care in the country over the next few weeks.

Using women and children in militant attacks has always been a tactic deployed in other countries - Nigerian terror group Boko Haram often uses children as suicide bombers.

The three families are believed to members of the pro-Isis Indonesian militant group, Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD).

Earlier Tuesday, police searched the home of the family that bombed Surabaya's police headquarters. Its leaders were killed in police raids and hundreds of militants were arrested. The church bombings were swiftly followed by other attacks, including one Monday that targeted a police station and was carried out in the company of the attackers' 7-year-old daughter.

Authorities said they received a report about WF's comment and then conducted an investigation leading to her arrest in the Banda Raya subdistrict of Banda Aceh on Monday night.

Television footage appeared to show a person on a motorcycle driving into the grounds of a church before a bomb was detonated.

Elsewhere family and friends mourned the deaths of the 12 people killed in the church blasts.

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