Amazon Go cashier-less stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon Go cashier-less stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon Go cashier-less stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco

"We teamed with up Shorr Packaging to analyze 11 key factors in 25 cities to determine the best places to live if you use Amazon services-and Seattle came in at #6 on our list!"

The company is expanding its experimental Amazon Go store to the two United States cities, but did not say when they would open.

In addition to these two new locations, there are allegedly still a few more Amazon Go stores waiting to be built.

Four months after Amazon opened its first futuristic convenience store in its hometown of Seattle, the company said on Monday that it will bring new Amazon Go locations to San Francisco and Chicago later this year. Though, no official date has been announced regarding the grand opening but it's on the cards. This time, it'll be to mock the company for understanding so little about the context in which their poll is released. Shoppers need to open the Amazon Go app to enter, and any products they take from the store are automatically charged to their account when they leave.

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Amazon says it will bring a cashier-less store to IL. Then just browse and shop like you would at any other store. You just have to download the Amazon Go app, and you're all set.

There is now only one Amazon Go store located in Seattle.

Amazon is already in the grocery business. There are still no more announcements about when future stores will be ready for the general public, but real-estate tracker Curbed has hunted down the locations selected by Amazon.

The 11 key-factors they looked at include restaurants participating in Prime Now, Amazon bookstores, free two-hour Whole Food delivery and Amazon Lockers.

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