JERUSALEM | The Latest: Israeli drones torch Gaza tires ahead of protest

JERUSALEM | The Latest: Israeli drones torch Gaza tires ahead of protest

JERUSALEM | The Latest: Israeli drones torch Gaza tires ahead of protest

Monday's march is meant to express anger over U.S. Embassy's inauguration, while Tuesday is "Nakba" or Catastrophe Day, when Palestinians observe the 70th anniversary of Israel's founding.

The Gaza Health Ministry said 52 Palestinians were killed and more than 1,200 wounded Monday by the Israeli military near the Gaza border.

Trump, who vowed to move the embassy from Tel Aviv during his campaign, will address invitees to the designation ceremony via video conference, according to two U.S. officials.

Israel's military warned Gaza residents on Monday that it would stop any breach of its border fence and that those approaching it in a planned mass protest would be putting their lives in danger.

The health ministry said 500 Palestinians were wounded.

Israelis began celebrating on Sunday, as tens of thousands of marched in Jerusalem, some holding American flags, to mark Jerusalem Day.

Later on Monday, Israeli forces fired from tanks, sending protesters fleeing to take cover.

It may not bother John Hagee, the right-wing founder of Christians United for Israel who will deliver the benediction at the ceremony and who recently told Trump that he will gain "political immortality" over the move.

This, in turn, implies that Jerusalem can, ideally, one day be the shared capital of both Israel and a future Palestinian state. Most of the world maintains embassies in Tel Aviv, saying the Jerusalem issue must first be resolved.

Kushner and Trump daughter Ivanka led a high-powered American delegation that also included the treasury secretary and four Republican senators.

A wounded Palestinian demonstrator is evacuated during a protest against US embassy move to Jerusalem and ahead of the 70th anniversary of Nakba, at the Israel-Gaza border in the southern Gaza Strip May 14, 2018.

Both the embassy move and the protests have symbolic timing.

Israel has built more than a dozen settlements in East Jerusalem, with an estimated 200,000 Jews living there, but the United Nations Security Council considers this to be an occupied Palestinian territory.

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Romney writes on Twitter that "Such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the United States Embassy in Jerusalem".

According to NBC, the protesters say they have continued to turn out for the weekly demonstrations because they have so little to lose.

President Trump is expected to address those attending Monday's event via video link.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cut ties with the Trump administration and declared it unfit to mediate peace talks.

However, many have condemned the decision.

Israel immediately annexed east Jerusalem - home to the city's most sensitive Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites - in a move that has not received global recognition.

The Palestinians, who want their own future state with its capital in East Jerusalem, have been outraged by Trump's shift from previous administrations' preference for keeping the US Embassy in Tel Aviv pending progress in peace efforts.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Mr Trump's "bold decision" in upending decades of USA policy by recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Israel's army said it would nearly double the number of troops surrounding Gaza and in the occupied West Bank.

The administration's Jerusalem recognition and embassy move "do not reflect a departure to our commitment to lasting peace", says Kushner.

"They're very cheerful, happy and good people and I'm very proud of our partners in Guatemala", Barkat said.

Trump's initial decision led to a series of protests in various Middle Eastern and Muslim countries.

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