Alberta government posts billboards in BC for Trans Mountain Pipeline campaign

Alberta government posts billboards in BC for Trans Mountain Pipeline campaign

Alberta government posts billboards in BC for Trans Mountain Pipeline campaign

Alberta has already spent a total of $1.29 million on the ad campaign, and though the advertisements can be seen all across Canada, more than half that funding has gone into advertising in British Columbia - $700,000, to be exact.

Less than three weeks before an ultimatum for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is set to expire, the Alberta Premier still expressed certainty the controversial project to ship more diluted bitumen will go ahead.

The campaign started running April 30 and will continue until the pipeline is in operation, according to a government news release.

The government is unable to say how much the entire ad campaign will cost, a spokesperson said. "The economic consequences would be severe throughout the country".

"Ottawa is in very serious and determined discussions with Alberta, and with Kinder Morgan", Ms. Notley said, declining any further comment on the state of the talks. It would have the potential to cause gasoline and other fuel-related prices to spike in B.C. Parties on both sides of the House accepted an Alberta Party amendment to put a two-year limit on the bill.

The City of Burnaby has applied to the Supreme Court of Canada for leave to appeal the construction of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project after lower courts and the National Energy Board rejected its challenge.

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"If British Columbia attains the right to throttle our resources, every other province will be given the same right", Notley said.

The federal government is also seeking intervener status in the case.

Last month, Kinder Morgan stopped all non-essential spending on the project and said it wants assurances by the end of this month that the expansion can proceed.

As for Alberta's upcoming legislation which would restrict oil and gas shipments to the West Coast, Bill 12, Notley expects her government to vote on it early next week. The company has threatened to pull out of the project by then if B.C., Alberta and Ottawa can not come to an agreement.

"We must deploy this tool with a cool hand, not an angry one", Notley said.

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