SpaceX Successfully Launches Upgraded Falcon 9 Rocket

SpaceX Successfully Launches Upgraded Falcon 9 Rocket

SpaceX Successfully Launches Upgraded Falcon 9 Rocket

Bangabandhu Satellite-1, the first satellite for Bangladesh, is deployed in orbit after its successful launch aboard SpaceX's first Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket on May 11, 2018.

SpaceX had previously planned to launch the satellite using Falcon-9 rockets on December 16, 2017, but the launch was postponed due to damage from Hurricane Irma. Main engine shutdown was at two minutes and 31 seconds with first stage separation two seconds later. The recoverable Block-5 booster is created to be reused at least 10 times with minimal refurbishment between flights, allowing more frequent launches at lower cost - a key to the SpaceX business model. The helium tanks were ruptured in a pre-launch test on September 1, 2016, causing an explosion.

SpaceX also succeeded in completing its 25th recovery of the Stage 1 Falcon 9 rocket booster as it landed on the drone ship "Of Course I Still Love You".

The upgraded rocket model ensures enhanced reusability and carried a Bangabandhu Satellite-1 into geostationary orbit.

The launch of the upgraded Falcon 9 rocket was initially scheduled for May 10, but an automatic abort triggered in the last minute forced SpaceX to scrub its first try of sending the "Block 5" into space.

The launch was another in a string of resounding successes for Musk's aerospace company, whose ability to pioneer new advances in space technology have stood in contrast to the production struggles of his electric auto company, Tesla.

"It's really better in every way than the Block 4", Musk said, citing a range of upgrades from avionics to the thermal-protection sysem on the Block 5's first stage.

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Hamid also watched the launching of the country's first satellite as BTV broadcast it live.

Ultimately, the Block 5 will be the rocket SpaceX depends upon to send humans to the International Space Station. The very first crewed trips of the Block 5-Dragon system might come as early as this year, SpaceX agents have actually stated.

" When Bangabandhu Satellite-1 is functional, Bangladesh will certainly be self-governing in regards to telecoms and also transmitting solutions, having the ability to supply interactions solutions to lots of global nations, such as Nepal, Myanmar or Bhutan under its insurance coverage location", the reps included.

Additionally, it will serve as an important source of income for Bangladesh, as we too will now be able to rent satellite services out to other countries.

"The Bangabandhu satellite will help to make Bangladesh an advanced country", Shahjahan Mahmood, chairman of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, which will manage the satellite, told the Dhaka Tribune.

Rahman was executed in 1975 at the age of 55.

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