Number of People Infected With Ebola in DR Congo Rises to 32

Number of People Infected With Ebola in DR Congo Rises to 32

Number of People Infected With Ebola in DR Congo Rises to 32

World Health Organization has tallied 32 suspected or confirmed cases in the northwestern area of Bikoro, on the shores of Lake Tumbathe near the border with the Republic of Congo, including 18 deaths, between April 4 and May 9. Three of the 32 cases were among healthcare workers.

The WHO is still waiting on approval from the DRC to use the experimental Ebola vaccine, but plans for deployment are already under way as officials wait for a formal decision from the country's health ministry.

Nine neighbouring countries have now been warned of the potential spread of Ebola. The infection is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids, and tissues of infected animals or people.

"This is going to be tough and it's going to be costly to stamp out this outbreak", he said.

In bats, Ebola probably doesn't cause much disease, but when it spreads to humans and other apes, Ebola can cause a very serious fever with a high chance of death. "All suspected cases are not necessarily cases of Ebola", he adds.

The Ebola virus is highly infectious and very deadly. Family and friends who care for sick individuals are also at heightened risk for Ebola exposure.

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Because the vaccine is still unlicensed, the W.H.O. will have to approve releasing it for emergency use or the Congolese government will have to officially declare its use as part of a clinical trial, probably run by Doctors Without Borders, Dr. Berkeley explained. Vaccinations cost $15-$20 per dose and 462 million people live in regions impacted by Ebola outbreaks.

In the past few years, there have been isolated outbreaks, including one in Congo last year that infected eight, killing four of them.

"We started well, and now we need to continue well, and we'll need the support of the entire global community for this response", he said.

The team of researchers concluded that surveillance and isolation remain the most effective Ebola outbreak control methods after analyzing various vaccines for the Ebola virus.

The horrific scourge of Ebola has re-emerged in central Africa, posing a dire threat to countless innocent men, women and children. And in 2017, the DRC experienced another outbreak of eight cases.

Democratic Republic of Congo's health ministry said it had dispatched a team of 12 experts to the northwest to try to trace new contacts of the disease, identify the epicentre and all affected villages and provide resources. Also, the world is better able to support affected countries, and continue testing the Ebola vaccine, which was trialled somewhat in West Africa.

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