Google Revamps Google News Initiative, Newscast and More

Google Revamps Google News Initiative, Newscast and More

Google Revamps Google News Initiative, Newscast and More

Google Maps will also have a couple of other useful tools.

Google Maps, like Google News, is also gaining a new "For You" feature where you'll find recommendations based on your past travel. If you're anything like me, you'll punch in a direction on Maps and start walking, only to see the blue dot on your phone's screen is moving in the wrong direction. The score is generated by utilising Machine Learning and outlines the reasons explaining why it thinks you'd enjoy that place such as "you enjoy Greek food" and it's similar to another restaurant you've visited and liked, as well as giving you the score. They're using two ways to do this, including expanding their VIsual Positioning System (VPS) technology they launched with Project Tango, bringing it to all devices and a new Augmented Reality view using your camera. Instead you'll get curated lists of what's good based on the area or neighborhood you're looking up.

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"For You" Tab: An all-new tab featuring places you may want to try in areas you regularly frequent. A user can see the names of places around them, as well as street names and directions, right in front of them. Another Google Maps feature called "Your Match" will suggest restaurants and other venues that are specifically catered to the end-user through the power of machine learning.

Google gave its Maps app a big redesign today at I/O 2018 and introduced a suite of new features that will roll out to both iOS and Android users this summer. A user long-presses on any place on Maps to add it to the list, and then they can share it on any platform and let friends add places to the list. If you're trying to follow a set of directions, you can now hold your phone up, and Google Maps will match the view from your camera to the saved Street View imagery of the world. In the new camera interface, users will be able to tell precisely where they are and where they need to go.

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