PD: Car that hit Waymo minivan in Chandler ran a red light

PD: Car that hit Waymo minivan in Chandler ran a red light

PD: Car that hit Waymo minivan in Chandler ran a red light

A self driving vehicle of Waymo, was found connected in a serious accident in the area of Chandler, Arizona which took place on Friday afternoon.

In February, Google said that its self-driving cars have driven 5 million miles on public roads since 2009.

The video released by Waymo is taken from front-facing camera sensors mounted in the auto.

Meanwhile, the autonomous vehicle incurred lesser damage as it was presumably hit at an angle from the side. Its driver reportedly sustained minor injuries.

Reports say that the vehicle was in autonomous mode at the time. The front crumpled zone of the Sedan had got badly broken along with its glass. As the Honda swerved, it continued eastbound into the westbound lanes of Chandler Boulevard and hit the Waymo van.

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Tyler said that an eastbound vehicle swerved in the intersection to avoid a northbound auto, traveling into the westbound lanes, where the driver struck the Waymo minivan. Police said the minivan was in autonomous driving mode at the time of the accident and the vehicle had a safety driver who received minor injuries. It's unclear at this stage what caused the silver Honda to swerve across the road into the path of the Waymo minivan.

The Chandler police also said the Waymo van was not the "violator vehicle", ABC 15 News reported.

Experts noted that the company will have more answers after its technicians analyze the video and the data taken from vehicle's array of sensors and autonomous driving system. "This incident is still under investigation", the statement was given by the local police to the Techcrunch.

Right now: Pretty gnarly crash with an @Waymo van in Chandler, AZ.

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