Deadpool interprets Celine Dion's new song through dance

Deadpool interprets Celine Dion's new song through dance

Deadpool interprets Celine Dion's new song through dance

This makes "Kiss From a Rose" sound like the Chicken Dance song and the Titanic theme swab the decks. From the first Bob Ross-inspired teaser, to a trailer that featured star Ryan Reynolds playing suggestively with dolls, it's clear that the creative team who made Deadpool the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever have been given something like carte blanche.

The singer previously teased that we would be hearing new music from her soon, but none of us expected this. When a super soldier arrives on a murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to think about friendship, family and what it really means to be a hero - all while kicking 50 shades of ass.

Meanwhile, her fellow Canadian Reynolds also posted a link to the humorous video on social media, and simply captioned it, "Showtime, Mama". "That was incredible, that was the most handsome performance I've ever seen in my life!" he tells her - but it's not quite right.

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Deadpool 2 drops in two weeks, and while we've yet to see any significant footage from the film, if it's even half as good as the marketing, we-fellow connoisseurs of cartoony gore and raunchy sex jokes-are in for a real treat.

Deadpool 2 comes to theaters May 18. No matter what type of music you're into, there's something everyone can get down to. Because, sometimes, to do the right thing you need to fight dirty. Let us know in the comments section below!

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