Thousands of pills turned in at DEA Drug Take Back Day

Thousands of pills turned in at DEA Drug Take Back Day

Thousands of pills turned in at DEA Drug Take Back Day

In an effort to help get more unused and expired prescription drugs out of homes, Hunt County residents turned in 150 to 250 pounds of opioids at the Greenville Police Department Saturday for National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is held twice a year.

There were drop off spots across the Coastal Bend.

Throughout the year people can drop-off expired medications in the lobby of the Public Safety Building at 300 Kansas City Street from 7 5 P.M.

The Take-Back programs are created to help people get rid of unused drugs that could be misused or abused by others.

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To safely dispose of liquid medication, Charleston Police Sgt. Trevor Shelor says you should put pour the liquid into a Ziplock bag filled with old coffee grounds or cat litter, seal and place in the garbage. "I believe one of the major reasons is because we're getting opioids out of people's medicine cabinets and that's why this program is so valuable".

Unconventional methods of disposal, flushing medication down the drain, or throwing medication in the trash, have been known to damage the environment.

"It leads to possible theft, usage by younger people and abuse", he said. "The other thing reason why we do this is we don't want it to get in the wrong hands", said Patrick Moody, Moline Officer. "It's toxic for the environment, so we are trying not to have the medications end up either in the water or in landfills". The box is similar to the Red Med Boxes.

From 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. people could anonymously drop off their prescriptions, with no questions asked at the Southport Volunteer Fire Department, West Elmira Fire Department and Elmira Savings Bank.

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